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Africa casino onlineVirtual gambling and Africa Casino Online: legal issues. Of all the countries in Africa, perhaps only South Africa has always been and remains an attractive region for investment in gambling. It is not for nothing that the 2010 FIFA World Cup was held in the Republic of South Africa, as the safest and most advanced country on the continent.

African Casinos

Offline gambling is also actively developing here. In South Africa, gambling in land-based African Casinos, sports betting and sweepstakes have been legalized since 1994. The annual turnover from legally operating casinos is already approaching the $2.1 billion mark. This is approximately equal to half of the gambling revenue of Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Kenya combined.

South African online casinos list

The current situation with online gambling in SA. If everything is more or less clear with land-based casinos, then the South African online casinos list in the country is very much reduced. At the moment, you can bet on sports and horse racing on the Internet, and that’s it.

Gambling, poker, video slots are banned and, accordingly, the activities of gambling industry companies on the internet are considered illegal. However, this stops only the timidest gamblers. Many foreign and local online gambling operators continue to work with gamblers from the Republic of South Africa.

Online casino South Africa

Afrikaanse Casino

Why is the ban on online casino South Africa not effective? With the development of Internet technologies, it has become pointless to ban online games, because even an ordinary schoolboy can bypass the blocking of controlling state organizations. Governments of many countries have long realized that it is better to monetize this industry on a partnership basis with the largest gaming operators than to wage endless war, wasting time and money. And the money is quite considerable  ( Afrikaanse Casino ).

Online casinos in South Africa legal

The same situation is observed in South Africa: residents bypass protection without problems, operators calmly accept players, revenues flow past the state treasury. In defense of the government of this country, it is worth saying that discussions on amendments to the law on online casinos South Africa legal are conducted with enviable constancy.

There are also positive results: for example, officials agreed to issue 10 licenses for online casinos in South Africa legal based on virtual lottery sites. But this, as they say, is a trial balloon, and the final legalization of gambling on the Internet is still far away.

Live casino online in South Africa

Top 5 best South African online casinos in 2022:

  • Thunderbolt Casino is the first live casino online in South Africa, which we put at the top of the rating. This site accepts gamblers from South Africa, offering them a large pool of gaming entertainment to choose from card games, roulette, slots, sports betting, and horse racing.

Springbok Casino South Africa

  • Springbok Casino South Africa – many online gambling experts put this casino in the first place since it has been operating in the gambling market of South Africa for several years and offers a large and, most importantly, a high-quality range of games.
  • Apollo slot machines are a fairly typical online casino even by the standards of the African region. Players are offered the following entertainment: poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette of various types, sports betting, and some of the best online slots in South Africa.
  • The main advantage of this online casino in South Africa is legal in a huge welcome bonus. The range of games is not new, most of the slots are old gaming classics.

New online casinos South Africa

Best South African Casinos online in 2022.

The development of new online casinos in South Africa has entered an active phase in the last few years, despite the current ban. The gambling industry in South Africa is still a relatively young market, but it is steadily growing and reaching new heights every year.

However, as is the case with gambling sites in the USA, the live casino online industry in South Africa can at times be a huge risk for both gamblers and investors, mainly due to the unclear and rather vague rules that surround it.

In this article we will look at the best 2022 South African online casinos list:

South African Casinos online

Wild Casino.

This casino was launched in 2017, but it is supported by a management team that has been working in the industry since its inception, since 1991. This means that although this site is quite new, the experience behind it makes it one of the best South African Casinos Online.

As for game content, you can expect to find a good selection of first-class online games from leading software developers. In the library, divided into a dozen different categories, you can choose from hundreds of different game options.

Wild Casino remains true to its reputation, offering some of the craziest bonuses among all African Casinos. If you decide to sign up with Wild Casino, you can look forward to as many as five different welcome bonuses.

Springbok casino.

This is one of the rare African Casinos online offering a no deposit bonus to all their new customers. This makes it an excellent choice for players with a limited budget and those who want to maximize their financial profits. In addition to the no deposit offer, Springbok casino South Africa also offers a separate multi-level welcome bonus and free spins promotion for all South African players.

Springbok casino allows players to place bets on both desktop and mobile devices, regardless of the functionality of the platform and user interaction.

777 casino.

This African Casinos online has a fantastic game library: more than 3,500 entertainment on any subject and genre! Even though their library of games is huge, everything is optimized to the smallest detail, so you can expect a fantastic user experience regardless of whether you play on a computer or on a mobile device.

777 casino offers frequent and very generous bonuses, starting with a welcome bonus and ending with weekly prizes and promotions. In addition to this, they have a fantastic loyalty program for regular customers.

Online slots in South Africa

Betway casino.

There are more than 1,700 online slots in South Africa on this site, which you can try for real money or for free after registration. This huge selection of games is divided into several categories, which allows you to easily browse and find your favorite game without much trouble.